Whether offshore, near-shore, or domestic production in our facilities in Chattanooga TN, the Spectas manufacturing & logistics teams can handle it with ease!

Not as superficially glamorous as the design and development phases of a project, but no less important, our customers’ production and fulfillment needs receive just as much care and concern. Here are a couple of highlights from our world-class operation:

  1. Shifting domestic to offshore on the fly. A customer had us produce their displays domestically, then would ship their product from offshore producers for us to pack and drop ship to retail. To expedite their program, we released our designs to our offshore partners to manufacture and pack with product, near our customer’s production facilities.

    We ensured quality control and adherence to SOPs via our overseas boots on the ground, consistent with our facilities’ certification to ship directly to large domestic retailers such as Walmart or Target.

    After packing, the displays were then shipped directly to retail, saving weeks of production time and the cost to assemble, pack and distribute domestically.

  2. An agile inventory management team ready for any job. Our distribution team does an amazing job of inventory management. When producing offshore or near-shore, our team always does final inspections in our Tennessee warehouses, and if necessary, assembles displays to either ship to our customer’s distribution centers, drop ship to retail or store in our warehouses for later release.

We want to be a partner who not only executes our customers programs flawlessly but also can be relied upon to meet diverse customer needs. We can produce globally or locally, and our teams work hard at finding innovative solutions to knotty logistical challenges. Whether it’s managing costs, expediting components, tracking containers, hitting key project milestones, or innovating our approach to expediting our customers programs, Spectas is truly the definition of a client-centric organization.

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