Spectas is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have 300,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and fulfillment operations. Our sales offices are located nationwide and work collaboratively with our in-house account management team.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey is home to our Innovation Center, the creative hub for ongoing advancements in industrial design and integrated technology.

How we get it done:

These snapshots reflect the great pride we take in our facilities and in our multi-generational, multi-location heritage. Our company remains inseparably linked to the communities in which we are located, adding our unique brand of excellence to the corporate tapestries of Chattanooga, TN, and Cherry Hill, NJ.

Products of the past

Back to our roots:

With over 75 years in business, we've worked on a countless projects with many of the world's leading retail brands. And while our tools may have evolved from pen and ink to the latest CAD software, our focus on the people and relationships at the core of our industry has never wavered.

SMP Past Imagery
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