looking for a tailor-made display?

Our Industry-Leading Team is Here to Help!

Our design, engineering, project management, and production/logistics teams are here to create the perfect solution for you!

We'll craft concepts that align precisely with your goals, and employ our rapid prototyping process to swiftly transform our collective vision, into a tangible reality.

What is the difference between a custom and stock display?

A custom display is exactly what it sounds like: custom-designed to fit your company's needs and requirements. Our design, engineering, project management, and manufacturing & logistics teams work with you to create a bespoke solution tailor-made to meet your goals at retail. Stock displays are already designed, manufactured, and ready to ship to you.  To browse a catalog of our stock offerings, visit our online store.

How do I develop a custom display?

Contact our team today!  A member of our sales team will reach out to you for a one-on-one consultation to discuss your needs at retail.  From there, our design and engineering teams will conceptualize and develop your display solution and create a one-off prototype for review.  Once approved, your display will be put into production and our logistics team will ensure timely delivery, setup, and quality control.

Why should I choose Spectas?

Our work and reputation in the industry speaks for itself!  Trusted by dozens of leading brands with their retail needs, Spectas has the design, engineering, and manufacturing acumen to get the job done right, every time.

How long does it take to create a custom display?

The easy answer is "It depends!"  Our lead times are obviously affected by a variety of factors, but we always strive to treat every client as our highest priority, and we make every possible effort to match your retail timeline, no matter how aggressive.

Our Approach...

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From rough concept sketches to photorealistic 3D renderings, our creative team is prepared to bring your vision to life. 

  • Sketch Development
  • Computer Aided Design
  • High Quality Rendering
  • Research and Innovation


The Engineering team serves as the link between design and manufacturing. They interpret design intent into retail reality. 

  • Balance Design Intent with Manufacturability
  • Material Evaluation & Cost Drivers
  • Computer-Aided Engineering
  • Prototyping

Project Management

"We will do what we commit to and commit to what we do, always." Our team works hard to ensure all project goals are met or exceeded. 

  • On Time, On Scope, On Budget
  • Estimation and Schedule Management
  • Cost Control Expertise
  • Manufacturing, Logistic, and Installation Oversight

Production & Logistics

Our in-house manufacturing facilities provide unrivaled time-to-market. We also provide full-service logistical operations. 

  • In-House Domestic Manufacturing
  • Off-Shore Partnerships
  • Full Service Logistical Operations
  • Installation & Post-Production Services
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