...especially When Your Customer Has a Positive Experience In-store!

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that this holiday season “has the potential to shatter previous records.” Over 180 million shoppers reportedly shopped during the five-day Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. According to trends published by the National Retail Federation and other industry sources, the shopping numbers are still hopping, as the holiday spirit seems to be alive and well.

The average household plans to spend around one-thousand dollars this year on items such as gifts, food, decorations, and other holiday-related purchases for themselves and their families (Source: NRF). So, with all that shopping, what are shoppers really looking for at retail?

From the research we’ve found, the three characteristics below seem to be the most universal.

●  Shoppers want in-store environments to be safe and comfortable in these post-pandemic times. Regardless of where people fall on COVID-19 guidelines, most everyone wants to know that stores are following proper guidelines in offering a clean and compliant shopping environment.

●  They want and need to be efficient. They are to make highly personal buying decisions that can’t be made online, and they need and expect helpful and informed staff as they navigate through that process in-store. Case in point, the Apple Store.

●  As much as people want to be efficient, there are those who crave and enjoy the sensory-stimulation of being IN the store environment. They want to be entertained. In essence when they leave their retail destination they are satisfied with the time they took away from their busy lives to invest in their time at retail.

A recent study from Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center and The Verde Group, a global customer experience consultancy found that retailers can increase shopper repurchase intent by nearly 60% by consistently delivering a great experience. What defines a “wow” depends on the shopper and type of store, but the factors above land at the top of the list.

As we wrap the final countdown to Christmas 2021, we’ll leave you with a few noteworthy articles on how retailers around the country are creating inviting and fun environments for customers, as well as how they say they plan to exceed shopper expectations in-store

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●  How Retailers like Foot Locker and Petsmart Key Into Training to Deliver on Customer Experience by Retail Brew

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