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How To Get Inspired

Crumpled Paper Lightbulb Image

A blank sheet of paper. 

To a designer, there’s nothing more terrifying than racking your brain for inspiration, only for nothing to come.­­­­  You sit there, pencil tapping away, while the same old go-to designs flip through your head.  But the client deserves more.  They’ve specifically sought out your company’s expertise, innovation and creativity for a custom-tailored merchandising solution to tell their story, and you want to help them put their best foot forward at retail.

Sound familiar?  Here are a few tried-and-true strategies we employ here at Spectas to break out of a design stalemate:

  • Springboard off the client’s brand values and aesthetic.  Is the product curvy?  Why not echo that in the display?  Sober & serious?  Straight lines & a darker tone might serve you better.  However, don’t be afraid to push the envelope a bit.  A display intended to showcase, for example, single-serve bottles of tea could draw inspiration equally from a cozy English tea room, or the minimalist vibe of a Japanese tea house.

  • Look outside.  While the brand’s context and feel should always be the priority, external influences can provide unique ideas. Architecture, nature, and even events can inspire shapes and materials that catch a customer’s eye. Just ensure the design aligns with the product’s essence —you don’t want to make a toy display look like, say, a fixture used to sell concrete!

  • Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Even when structural or graphic constraints mean the whole display isn’t able to cohere as well as you would have liked, there are still plenty of opportunities to leverage inspiration.  If the vision warrants, round some shelf or graphic corners.  Add sheet metal instead of wire in strategic locations to create a cleaner look.  In short, always be designing, even through the minefield of external constraints.

At Spectas, we treat your vision for your product as our own, to the degree that we use every tool in our considerable arsenal to ensure you stand out in-store.  Let us show you how we get inspired to design the custom display you’ve always dreamed of.


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