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Leadership Requires Innovation

Lightbulb Glowing in Conference Room Meeting

Want to rise to the top of your industry? Challenge your team!

If any company could afford to sit back and rest on its laurels, it’s Walmart. The mega retailer is a fixture of American life and has absolutely nothing to prove. However, as this recent article from Progressive Grocer highlights, instead of being complacent, Walmart is doing what all segment leaders do: Blazing a trail via innovation.

Much like Walmart, Spectas endeavors to maintain its place at the vanguard of the retail display industry by leveraging innovation at every turn. Here are a few of the areas where we lead the way by pioneering breakthroughs:

  • Material combinations – Instead of always defaulting to basic black metal, we consider what materials would best tell your brand story at retail, even considering material combinations that, at first blush, wouldn’t seem to work. Molded urethane & LED lighting, or woven wicker & printed styrene? We had the vision to combine them, and the resultant displays are retail standouts.

  • Achievable design – Any retail supplier can show a fanciful rendering. Where Spectas leads the way is our enviable position in the sweet spot of achievable design, i.e. innovative forms that can also be produced on-budget. Our Creative & Engineering teams consider manufacturability from the very beginning, but never at the expense of dynamic design.

  • Logistical options – Merely average firms frequently hit an impasse when it comes to display production & deployment due to their reliance on a single supplier or logistical pathway. At Spectas, we lead by keeping an array of options close at hand to ease costs and speed time-to-market. Potential snags are inevitable, but we think on our feet to enable us to keep commitments and always find a way.

The retail industry is an ever changing, churning sea of opportunity. At Spectas, the innovation focus that permeates our company enables us to help you chart a course through those potentially-perilous waters, demonstrating our leadership and arriving at the optimal solution to your merchandising needs.


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