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Join Our Logo Cloud

A few of the logos of clients we have at Spectas

The Spectas Logo Cloud - More than just a visual trinket.

Our website homepage features a logo cloud, showcasing the array of noteworthy Spectas clients. And while many other companies, both in the retail industry and outside it, feature a similar visual representation, and it’s easy to simply scroll past it. In our case, however, we look at it from an aspirational standpoint. Here at Spectas, our goal is to proudly add each and every one of our valued clients to that cloud.

Joining the logo cloud means more than just a simple business transaction has taken place; it symbolizes a real retail partnership. Your marketing objectives and priorities become ours.

How does this constant drive to align our goals benefit you?

Here are three ways:

It gives you confidence in our experience. 

While we’re always looking to push the envelope, our decades of experience have focused our core competencies. We’ve determined that your needs and our capabilities align, and you can rest assured we’ll bring our legacy of hard-won expertise to bear on your retail challenge.

We believe in your product.

We’ve bought into the value of your product and truly believe its story deserves to be shared. We’re your first customer, and you’ve just made the sale! Our enthusiasm for your product gives us a personal stake in ensuring your success at retail.

We truly feel like we can add value. 

Whether you’re a startup venturing into the in-store world for the first time or a well-established legacy company seeking a fresh look and a new supplier, we always strive to identify key opportunities to help you improve your current retail situation. No matter if you’re starting from scratch, or just need a more cost-effective, expedited, or premium display, we know we can elevate your experience.


One of the core values we embrace as a company is that we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Each one of the logos in the cloud is a proud symbol of a forged partnership and ongoing commitment. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to add your company to that esteemed group, recognizing the potential harmony between our capabilities and your retail requirements. We’re confident in our team’s ability to craft the best possible display to meet your needs.


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