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Pepperidge Farm

Summer Grill

Following two highly successful years of placing our Pepperidge Farm Smoker, Campbell's requested a refresh and asked for a summer grill-inspired display for their next rollout.


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Fired-Up Success at Retail

After two highly successful years placements of our Pepperidge Farm Smoker, Campbell's wanted a refresh, and requested a summer grill style display for 2023.

Featuring a metallic silver powder coat, sheet metal hood, adjustable shelving, and various graphic nods to functional grills, this unit gets customers fired up to purchase summer BBQ staples. With +1500 grills produced, our client and retailers agree we did a "grate" job incorporating this summer staple into stores.

Pepperidge Farm Summer Grill Glory Photograph
Client Testimonial

Barry Fowler

Merchandising Strategist Lead

Spectas is a valued partner for Campbell’s Snacks...They provide exceptional design quality and customer service that have helped develop important channels in Grocery and Convenience Store.


They elevate the role of a supplier beyond transactional and provide insights and strategy that have driven success at retail for many of our projects.



While sketching initial ideas for this display, a gas-powered grill was used as the primary source of inspiration. By incorporating recognizable design features to highlight the upcoming BBQ season, we hoped to encourage shoppers to explore the variety of merchandised products on the display, perfect for all their grilling needs.



With a solid design direction selected during the sketching phase, our creative team was able to explore various merchandising and graphic options to drive the concept home.


We also explored different display styles that would transform the grill base, allowing it to transform with the seasons by reflecting various holiday promotions.



This unit was designed not only to be easy to assemble, but also to transform into a "low boy" display that would remove any grill design nods at the end of tailgating season. The metal hood and front grill weldment can be easily removed, leaving retailers with a multipurpose and portable display that can be merchandised year round.

This project exemplifies Spectas' holistic approach, where every department collaborates to deliver maximum value to the client. Prototypes were meticulously crafted and refined multiple times before finalizing engineering drawings. Expert coordination among team members and vendors was essential to produce the hundreds of individual parts required to bring this display to life.



Behind every great display order is a prototype (or two, or three). A concept on paper can turn out very differently when physically mocked up, so the construction of a prototype provides valuable information to our team on what does and does not work.