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Lifestyle & Drum Pad Displays

Created to merchandise a wide variety of products, these two displays were developed just in time to celebrate Zildjian's 400-year anniversary.


Musical Instruments


Instrument Retailers


Permanent Floorstands


Anniversary-Worthy Displays

We developed these two displays just in time for Zildjian's 400 year anniversary!

The Lifestyle and Drum Pad displays were created in an effort to merchandise a wide variety of products to stand out at retail. Both received rave reviews from Zildjian, and can be found in stores both domestically and internationally.

Zildjian Lifestyle Display In-Store with Merchandise
Client Testimonial

SVP & Global GM

Core Business

The displays in the US are working great! Everyone has been impressed with the quality and flexibility.



We use sketching as a way to explore multiple design options quickly and efficiently to help identify ideas that work, and just as importantly, those that don't. With our client's objectives in mind, our sketches are used as an important communication tool before we move onto the modeling and rendering stages of the design process.

This project was unique in that we developed concepts for the Lifestyle and Drum Pad displays on parallel timelines. 



Drum Pad Display Rendering Development:

A major focus of this unit was to develop a testing area to allow customers to interact with Zildjian's quality product - increasing brand awareness.