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Premium Endcap

Crafted to seamlessly marry form and function, the Premium Endcap stands as a focal point within grocery retailers, inviting shopper engagement with its warm aesthetics and thoughtful design.


Food + Beverage




Permanent Endcap


An Award Winning Display

In collaboration with long-time client Campbell's, with our Premium Endcap display, Spectas proudly clinched the esteemed Gold OMA Award in the Snack Foods: Permanent category.


Rave reviews from Campbell's and their partner retailers are a testament to the Premium Endcap's role as a merchandising beacon across hundreds of locations where they've been installed.


Pictured below; Mike Sybilrud, our Senior Key Account Executive, with Barry Fowler of Campbell's Snacks. 

Campbell's Premium Endcap In-store with Product
Client Testimonial

Barry Fowler

Merchandising Strategist Lead

Spectas is a valued partner for Campbell’s Snacks...They provide exceptional design quality and customer service that have helped develop important channels in Grocery and Convenience Store.


They elevate the role of a supplier beyond transactional and provide insights and strategy that have driven success at retail for many of our projects.

Sketches Test.png


Crafting a successful display requires a collaborative approach. Our design team delved into numerous rounds of conceptual sketches, maintaining close collaboration with the client.
We aimed to infuse the design with a sense of warmth and invitation, incorporating ample wooden accents, all while ensuring it met their capacity needs. This quest for a welcoming ambiance guided our exploration of creative concepts, ultimately refining our chosen direction in the rendering phase.



In the rendering phase, we delved into project specifics, exploring diverse base forms and experimenting with header treatments to maintain a light, unobtrusive aesthetic amidst the wooden elements.


Full integration of the client-requested side wings was a priority, avoiding a chunky appearance. Each decision was carefully considered to ensure both cohesion and functionality in the final display.

Campbell's Premium Endcap Rendering Concept 7


Once the creative direction was set, our skilled engineering team sprang into action. Maintaining the original design intent posed its challenges, but our team exceeded expectations. Not only did we achieve the aesthetic goals, but we also met capacity and cost requirements seamlessly translating the concept into reality.

This project exemplifies Spectas' holistic approach, where every department collaborates to deliver maximum value to the client. Prototypes were meticulously crafted and refined multiple times before finalizing engineering drawings. Expert coordination among team members and vendors was essential to produce the hundreds of individual parts required to bring this display to life.



Our prototype unit served as our workshop, where we meticulously honed in on our engineering specs to craft a design that stood out as truly special and unique in the retail realm. Notably, this heavy-duty unit boasted adjustable shelving, ensuring versatility to meet diverse retail needs. Given its 360-degree shoppable design, meticulous attention was paid to ensure seamless assembly and fit, guaranteeing an effortless in-store setup process.