Want to boost your in-store sales? Look no further than the end of your aisles! Studies found in journals BRQ Business Research Quarterly and Social Science & Medicine suggest that placing product retail displays at the end of your store aisles can have a bigger impact than you think. An article in Social Science & Medicine found that in a 2014 UK beverage study that sales increased between 23.2% and 46.1% for alcoholic beverages and a staggering 51.7% to 113.8% for non-alcoholic beverages after placing their product displays at the end of store aisles (Nakamura, 2014). Talk about bang for your buck!

BRQ Business Research Quarterly notes that while the end of an aisle by itself can have significant effects on sales, its power increases even further when you include your price promotions. The article says this is due to, “Less impulsive and more price-oriented customers feel more attracted to price promotions, and the end of aisle become more useful for making the promoted products stand out, therefore empowering the effects of the promotions” (Garrido-Morgado, 2015). This exposure of your display combined with a product special creates an offer that is difficult to pass up for even your most price-conscious customers.

End-of-aisle displays are a quick way to increase your sales and an effective use of space. Find the perfect display for your store from Spectas! Pick from our range of stock retail displays, end-caps, and racks or design a unique custom piece. Call 1-800-251-6308 to discuss your options today!


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