The Final Product

Spectas and Titleist partnered to produce a premium high capacity off-course display. This display features illuminated headers and graphics with the ability to hold over 600 dozen golf balls.

Spectas Titleist Store Photos
Spectas Titleist In Store Display

With a design that had to be altered very little on its journey from concept to production, this project is a great example of our design and engineering teams' ability to work closely together to exceed the client's expectations.

Graphic Panels:

Featuring replaceable graphic panels, the client had the option of backlit illumination depending on whether or not power was available at a particular retail location.

Spectas Titleist Graphics Panel 1
Spectas Titleist Graphics Panel 2
Spectas Titleist Graphics Panel 3

Development Process

In close collaboration with the client, a series of renderings created by our design team helped to crystalize the client's design intent. From there, our engineering and prototyping teams worked to create a functional example for review.

Spectas Engineering Drawing
Titleist Rendering
Titleist Rendering 2

Production and Shipping

Our logistics and production teams oversaw the manufacturing and distribution processes, ensuring the utmost attention to detail, quality and timeliness. The display shipping KD safely and was able to be securely assembled with no permanent fasteners.

Titleist Assembly 1
Titleist Assembly 2
Titleist Assembly 3
Titleist Assembly 4