Kraft Heinz

The Final Product:

The small format display is Kraft Heinz's highest volume unit annually, with 3,700 displays produced just this year alone. 

Spectas Kraft Heinz Small Format with Drink Product
Spectas Kraft Heinz Small Format in Store

The first run had virtually no defects, with over 5,000 units being produced. The client was very impressed with our communication and coordination from account management. 

Product Featured on the Display:

With the ability to merchandise a variety of product, the versatility of this unit is unmatched. To increase shopability, the unit also has the ability to add a top shelf. 

Spectas Kraft Heinz Display Close-Up Crystal Light
Spectas Kraft Heinz Display Close-Up Planters

Development Process:

In close collaboration with the client, our design and engineering development helped to crystalize the client's design intent. From there, our engineering and prototyping teams worked to create a functional example for review.

Spectas Engineering Line Drawings Kraft Heinz
Spectas Engineering Line Drawings Exploded View Kraft Heinz
Spectas IMS Kraft Heinz Small Format Display Rendering
Spectas IMS Kraft Heinz Small Format Display Rendering Empty


Our logistics and production teams oversaw the manufacturing and distribution processes, ensuring the utmost attention to detail, quality and timeliness.

Spectas Close Up of Prototype Kraft Heinz
Spectas Kraft Heinz Side Panel Development
Spectas Kraft Heinz Graphic Panel Assembly

Graphic Panel Flexibility:

With a specific requirement to fit the flexible needs of varying retail environments, graphic panel development was a key focus on this display. Our solution was durable, with a dynamic shape, and able to fit either of the display's configurations.

Spectas Panel Graphics Kraft Heinz Small Format