crescent sock

The Final Product:

Crescent Sock wanted to jazz up their current fixtures in-store, so they came to Spectas with a request to design a display for their World's Softest Sock collection. The client was very impressed with the final unit's overall look, and awarded us with an order of World's Softest Sock displays.

Spectas Crescent In-Store Display

The display has a simple wire grid and pegs to allow for flexible product merchandising, and features a 3-dimensional urethane header to add depth, making this unit pop! The creative and engineering team really came together on this one to work through various iterations of the prototype, which ultimately led to this being a very successful project.

Development Process:

Our design and engineering teams worked closely with the client to produce this display. Multiple configurations and variations were presented to the client for design approval. Once a final look was selected, our engineering team took over. Here are a few iterations that were presented to the client before a final direction was selected. 

The engineering team worked hard to optimize weight, carton size, and shipping costs for this display. In the end, their hard work paid off and both us and the client were happy with the results. 

Spectas Front View CAD Crescent Sock Display
Spectas Side View CAD Crescent Sock Display
Spectas 3-4 View CAD Spectas Sock Display
Spectas Pack Out CAD Crescent Sock Display
Spectas Exploded View Crescent Sock Display
Spectas Crescent Sock Display Dimensions


Once our final prototype was created we had to alter the material used for the display side panels and base in order to get the display more in-line with their budget. Engineering came up with a practical solution, to use MDF for the side panels and base that would match the original color of the molded urethane header. Crescent was very impressed with the overall look and how well the colors for the header and side-panels matched, given they were two completely different materials.

Spectas Crescent Sock Empty Prototype
Spectas Crescent Sock Prototype Top

Production Graphics:

This 3-dimensional molded urethane header was the crown jewel of this display. All of the white text and graphics are raised from the textured wood surface. 

Spectas Crescent Sock Finished Art Preview