The Final Product

Bruichladdich tasked us with creating a display that would allow customers to smell the various barley and peat used in their distilling process.  

Spectas Bruichladdich Close-Up Sensorial Display
Spectas Bruichladdich Sensorial Display

The display has recessed circular callouts on top for their three bottles and acrylic doors with a screened in compartment that houses the barley and peat. When the product needs to be refreshed, employees can easily pull out the trays from the backside of the display and refresh the product. 

Product Featured on the Display:

Spectas Bruichladdich Sensorial Display Product

Development Process

In close collaboration with the client, our sketch development and renderings helped to crystalize the client's design intent. From there, our engineering and prototyping teams worked to create a functional example for review.

Spectas Bruichladdich Sketches 1
Spectas Bruichladdich Sketches 2
Spectas Bruichladdich Final Render
Spectas Bruichladdich Engineering Drawing

Production and Shipping

Our logistics and production teams oversaw the manufacturing and distribution processes, ensuring the utmost attention to detail, quality and timeliness.

Spectas Bruichladdich Assembly 1
Spectas Bruichladdich Assembly 2
Spectas Bruichladdich Assembly 3