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Why Invest in Retail Innovation?

Tiny Grocery Cart Filled with Lightbulbs

Bling.  Glitz.  Fluff.

Dismissive terms for “pointless” display enhancement. In these leaner times, whenever the subject of retail innovation is raised, the question inevitably comes: “How can we justify spending money on elements of the display that don’t directly merchandise the product?”

Every client, retailer and display supplier makes their own determination, heavily dependent on the display & product itself, as to whether incorporating innovative elements is warranted. But often, there’s a stronger case to be made for its inclusion than can be apparent when just staring at the balance sheet.

So why add lighting when a plain unlit display will function the same? Why create a dimensional header element from a urethane mold when a simple flat graphic looks the same from 50 feet away? Why incorporate an LCD screen when basic, static imagery will “do?”

  • The thrill of the new. Customers are drawn to innovation for one of the primary reasons they buy anything in the first place: It’s simply new. Oftentimes, the only pitch a customer needs to make a purchase decision is to be told, “It’s the latest version.” We’re instinctively attracted to and excited by products and experiences that shake us from our normal routines and give our hearts and minds something fresh to latch onto.

  • The opportunity to ease the purchase experience. Customers have always prioritized convenience, and properly deployed retail innovation enhances not only the look of the display, but also the purchase experience. From digital wayfinding via LED lighting to descriptive video content that creates a more informed customer, there’s a real opportunity for innovation to exist at the “sweet spot” where form and function meet.

  • The halo effect. Brand value can be difficult to quantify. Nevertheless, innovation at retail undeniably creates the impression of a forward-thinking company. When a customer experiences a cutting-edge display, a brand’s value is elevated in their mind in a way that reflects positively on all the company’s offerings, becoming a real marketing force multiplier.

Our team at Spectas intuitively understands the rewards and potential pitfalls that accompany any attempt to incorporate innovative technology into a retail display. Consult with us, and we can help your brand’s in-store presence deliver on the promise of innovation as detailed above.


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