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Looking Ahead to the Super Bowl

What will people eat and drink during the game?

Hershey (which is unveiling a Reese’s commercial during the Super Bowl) shared research about what consumers will be munching on and drinking.
  • 56% of consumers expect to buy salty snacks.

  • 48% expect to buy special foods like pizza and wings.

  • 31% plan to purchase candy and chocolate.

According to the Hershey survey, 60% of people say inflation will impact their buying decisions.

Snacks and drinks for superbowl party

The Reese’s brand spot “plays on the extreme passion fans have for both rooting for their favorite teams, as well as their passion for Reese’s Cups,” according to Hershey.

It’s only the second time Reese’s will air an ad during the Super Bowl.

The American Farm Bureau also shared Super Bowl-related statistics.
  • During the game, almost 1.5 billion chicken wings are consumed.

  • More than eight million pounds of corn tortilla chips are eaten during the game.

  • More than 25 million pounds of cheese are purchased for the game.

Numerator also released statistics surrounding the Super Bowl.
  • 50% of watchers plan to buy soda.

  • 37% expect to purchase beer.

  • 75% plan to buy chips, with 67% also buying dips.


0Read more about how major c-store suppliers are participating, including Frito-Lay and Mondelez. Ferrara is investing in the Super Bowl for the first time, airing a 30-second clip for Nerds Gummy Clusters candy.


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