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Our Detail Focus Prevails at Retail

Customers in a Mall

At retail, Spectas’ grasp of all the little things makes a big difference

Two displays, side by side. One is from Spectas; the other made by one of our competitors. Although they may look superficially similar, one feels “cheap.” It doesn’t always take a closer inspection to appreciate all the details that set our displays apart.

Pursuing a higher standard, here are just a few considerations we take into account when designing your display:

  • ShoppabilityHow much reach-in does the product need? Can the product be easily grasped from the front? Does it pivot off the shelf, or need to be lifted up over a front lip? We make your product easy to shop by optimizing shelf spacing.

  • Structural Integrity. Does it need a cross brace to promote stability? There are few worse sensations at retail than shopping an item only to have the whole display sway in response. We ensure our displays are rock-solid and impart a feeling of quality to your product.

  • Graphic Messaging. How thick do the graphics need to be? Will the graphic be flexed into channels? Or will it tab into uprights? Is located at the sides of the display, or the top? Our experienced team always chooses the right substrate and thickness to make your message pop.

  • Durability.  What kind of material is most appropriate for a kick plate? Water and retail rarely mix. For a wood display in particular, is the continuation of that material down to the floor critical? Or is a more resilient metal kick plate a better solution?

  • Ease of Assembly.  How can we make the display easy to assemble? Lost time through lengthy display assembly is costly, and the associated frustration from lack of compliance makes it even worse. Let us design you a display whose assembly is quick, intuitive and compliant, and your product will be available for sale faster than ever.

This list barely scratches the surface, as we also train our expertise on material selection, basic construction details and logistics, among many other areas. Our vast well of experience, both in years and in the range of displays we’ve produced, is brought to bear on every single display we make, so you can be sure a Spectas display will accomplish its mission: Be durable, appealing, and most importantly, showcase your brand at retail.


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