The Final Product:

The Cointreau Counter Unit was designed, in conjunction with our Cointreau Bar Cart, to create a premium looking unit to drive impulse purchases in-store. In the end our design, engineering, and logistics teams delivered exactly what the client requested - a unit that would hold their 750 ml bottles in a compact, yet eye-catching form.

The initial order was 126 units and we've done 5 re-runs since, totaling almost 1,600 units.

Cointreau Counter Unit In Store Glory Image
Cointreau Counter Unit In Store Closeup
Cointreau Counter Unit In-Store Front

Development Process:

Compact. High-end. Made to stand-out in retail. These were the main objectives of our design team when they began ideating. The client also requested no plastic and a space for cocktail recipes and product promotions that could easily be switched out with different campaigns.  

Our design team started with sketches before moving on to the rendering phase. As you can see, they worked hard to produce a wide variety of concepts for consideration.



After a design direction was selected by the client, it was handed off to our engineering team who then took it to the next level. Instead of wire, the client opted to go for sheet metal for a more premium look and feel. Our engineering department worked to optimize the design and materials, and after running the first order of these counter units overseas, found a cost savings solution with our in-house domestic production. 

Cointreau Counter Unit Engineering Drawing

Prototypes and Samples:

When creating any unit, big or small, we often produce multiple prototypes or samples before the final display is manufactured. Adjusting tolerances, finalizing artwork, changing powder-coat finishes, and addressing quality issues are just a few of the things we do to ensure a quality product. 

This counter unit was initially imported from our manufacturing partners in Asia, with multiple samples sent to our team here at Spectas to review. A variety of small changes were communicated which resulted in the final product chosen by the client.

Cointreau Final Production Model Sample

Production, Shipping, and Logistics:

As mentioned above, the Cointreau Counter Unit was initially prototyped, produced, and shipped from our partners in Asia.  Once we were able to accommodate the manufacturing process stateside, we switched to domestic production to improve responsiveness and lead times.

Cointreau Counter Unit Overseas Manufacturing

Our shipping team is always ready and able to drop-ship units to specific locations as well as send truckloads to other warehouses. We work closely with our client's shipping team and adjust our methods to meet their requirements as efficiently as possible.   

Cointreau Counter Unit Packaged
Cointreau Counter Unit Warehouse Unboxed