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Queue Line Fixtures

While Spectas has joined forces with diverse clients in various retail settings, this venture marked our first foray into the unique challenges of cinema merchandising – challenges we conquered with aplomb.




Cinemark Theaters


Permanent Queue Line


A New Retail Landscape

Partnering with our client, Cinemark, we conceptualized, engineered, and deployed a highly praised queue line set in 20+ theater locations across the United States.



What began as individual concepts evolved into a comprehensive set of queue line fixtures. Deployed in 23 locations (and counting) the modularity of these fixtures was harnessed to adapt seamlessly to each store's distinctive layouts and merchandising requirements.
Integration of large LCD screens, LED lighting, with the flexibility to accommodate all of Cinemark's food service and merchandising equipment. Our elegant solution defied our relatively limited experience in retail segment. 

Early Designs:

Recognizing the absence of a one-size-fits-all solution, we embarked on developing an adaptable merchandising solution tailored for theaters.


Our Creative team poured their efforts into conceptualizing a cohesive family of displays. Exploring a variety of finishes, features, and configurations to provide the client with a visual representation of the possibilities.

Creative Development

Creative Development:

Following several rounds of meticulous refinement and valuable feedback, we successfully landed upon the finalized queue line showcased below, which perfectly aligned with Cinemark's objectives and vision for their locations.
From housing large coolers and supporting heated pizza merchandisers, to versatile shelving cabinets and dynamic TV monitors, our solutions accommodate them all!



Maintaining organization was paramount during the engineering phase of this project, as there were many challenges involved in orchestrating a multitude of individual units to function as one cohesive queue line. Different combinations and layouts of fixtures were then developed for each store location. Because each unit was designed with modularity in mind, creating a custom layout for theatres requirements was a non-issue.

Meticulous attention was devoted to compiling the Bills of Materials (BOMs), ensuring a comprehensive detailing of crucial features and functions. Furthermore, distinct combinations and layouts of fixtures were thoughtfully developed for each unique store location, highlighting our commitment to tailoring solutions to meet diverse requirements.